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  • November: Wednesday 22nd, The Hallmark Hotel 12 Noon - 2.00pm

    Time - 10.30 Registration 10.45 start

    Presenter - Martin Hill

    Topic - Is there any confirmed science behind higher productivity?

    Is there any confirmed science behind higher productivity? You bet there is! We are all âstate dependentâ and we all get more done from a better place. Warwick University research shows a 12% productivity rise from happier people. Currently the NHS reports that one in three sick notes are for mental health related issues so clearly something is going desperately wrong.About the PresenterOver the last six years Martin Hill has been the managing director of his own company. He has created and sold in excess of 1.5 million unique products to national and multi-national High Street chains in the UK. His diverse career path has included labouring on a pig farm, crane driving, selling communication solutions in an IT company and managing national accounts at a major PLC (to name just a few). Hey sometimes you need a change !ContentOK, youâre the pack leader and some days you simply get more done than on others â but why is this? Martin shares some of the science-backed techniques from his book The Happiness Scheme that will help keep you, your staff and your family in a highly productive and happy state.

  • December: Wednesday 13th, The Tickton Grange Hotel 12 Noon - 2.00pm

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Wednesday 22nd November

The Hallmark Hotel 12 Noon - 2.00pm

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